Cameron beats himself!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar beats Titanic for international and domestic gross box office sales! Safe to say that James Cameron is the director to beat!

TITANIC = $1,843,201,268 < $1,858,866,889= AVATAR


Can James Cameron beat himself???

TitanicAvatarAs we all know Avatar is amazing, and we’re all aware of the fact that it’s in the running to be the highest grossing movie ever! The thing is it’s already passed the $1 billion mark in 17 days! That’s an insane amount of money! The irony of it is if James Cameron’s Avatar gets to first place he will be displacing Titanic. Which he made. James Cameron is seriously in a race against himself. I absolutely love it. This is the true mark of a genius! Avatar totally sunk the Titanic(haha) on opening weekend sales. Now, Avatar has only been in the theaters for just a month and it only needs to make $222,388,306 more!

Avatar Titanic

Worldwide Gross: $1,620,491,649 Worldwide Gross: $1,842,879,955

Opening Weekend: $77,025,481 Opening Weekend: $28,638,131

Avatar … I want to be blue too!



I cannot even begin to describe how epic this movie is. First, I saw it normal, then the second (later that week) I saw it in 3D. Overall for the 3D aspect – this is the only non-positive comment I will ever make about it – is that I would rather watch it normal vs. 3D. I just didn’t add much for me and I don’t like wearing those glasses. Moving on this movie is genius, yes it has a plot that we are comfortable with the classic cowboys v the natives, oppression story line. However, Avatar takes place on another planet with…blue people and it is better than you can imagine!

“All-time worldwide grosses? Cameron may well be about to kick his own ass: Avatar is up to No. 2, at $1.3 billion, with Titanic’s $1.8 billion certainly well within reach, particularly if it continues to perform as well as it has (it earned more than $150 million outside North America last weekend). And there’s no reason to expect that it won’t.”-

It’s cool when a director tries to beat a record for number one all time grossing, but it is hilarious when he tries to beat himself. That right there is the mark of a true genius!

I have 10 words that summarize my love of scores and this movie and I truly will go to the grave still believe that –  “James Cameron and James Horner can’t procreate enough!”

Jake Sully and Neytiri