The Last Song


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The movie was suprisingly good! I was expecting good, I wasn’t expecting to cry like a baby one minute, sigh like a sissy, and then laugh out loud. I can’t say it beat The Notebook or A Walk To Remember, but it was good!!!! Nicholas Sparks knows how to write books, that women will fall apart with – whether watching it as a movie or reading it as a novel. I guess we can watch and find out how long Liam and Miley will stick together?

Bonus- A good soundtrack! OneRepublic, Eskimo Joe, Miley Cyrus (duh…), Ra Ra Riot, Jose Gonzalez, Iron & Wine, Maroon 5, Edwin McCain,

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‘Dear John’ was great!

Dear John Savannah:”You don’t scare me John…”   John: “Well, you scare me”

Who didn’t love this scene?

Leading up to the release of Dear John I had read the back of the book, got the impression it wouldn’t turn out good, and started to worry that the book would follow. Luckily, it didn’t! The movie had good ups and downs, a bit of suspense, lots of hot Channing Tatum, and a happy ending-what else could I ask for? Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum made the perfect duet, and let the movie live up to the standards us “chicks” are used to in a Nicholas Sparks movie. This makes me want to go back and watch the other Nicholas Sparks movies Message in a Bottle, Walk to Remember, and The Notebook (we can leave out Nights in Rodanthe), but it also makes me excited to see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. Also, heads up there is going to be movie versions of The Lucky One, and True Believer.

Dear JohnWho didn’t love this scene?