New Eclipse Trailer

Only 67 days left, and the cast will be on Oprah May 13th!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Here is the trailer for Eclipse! Only 107 days until June 30th!

I have been out of civilization -spring break- for a whole ten days and was not able to watch or post this sooner, simply put I thought I was going to die.

New Moon


Edward Bella Reunion

Of course I went to the Twilight Saga New Moon premier, why have I waited so long to post this? Who knows, I had to let it all sink in.

As much as I do not like to wave my nerd flag, when movies come out that I am excited about it’s  usually on display! Going to a premier with a million screaming girls is not fun, but sooooo worth it! Especially when you have good company. This is not a review, more like a miniature tribute to Twilight fans. I just cannot wait to see the movie again, but after finals!

Going to a movie and laughing is nice. Going to a movie with friends and not being able to stop laughing the whole night, equals an inside joke forever! The scene below is where Jacob comes to Bella’s room via the tree and his werewolf moves and jumps through the window.  So, I’m watching, not really paying any attention to what Jacob and Bella are saying, because HELLO! who is listening to the words, when those abs speak for themselves! Right about here in the scene my friend leans over and says “How could you contain yourself, when he is in your bedroom?”………( long pause because now in the scene they are hugging)…….so I lean back over and say “I would be a She-Wolf!” Funniest Thing Ever! I died!

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